2017 Horse Creek Jubilee



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Set-up & Check-in:

Vendors must check-in and pick up registration packets before setting up. Check-in and set-up begins at 6:30 am. All vehicles must be moved to the designated parking area by 8:30.


Vendors not checked in by 8:30 am will not be allowed to participate in the Jubilee. Once in place, vendors/ exhibitors must remain in place until the close of the show at 4:00 pm. All vendors/ exhibitors must furnish their own tent and display units, including tables, chairs, and extension cords. A card with the exhibitor's name and space number will be provided in the registration packet and must be prominently displayed on the booth throughout the Jubilee.


Sales Tax: All vendors/ exhibitors are responsible for collecting and paying state, county, and city sales tax. Tax forms will be in registration packets to be picked up at vendor check-in.


Vendor Parking: Parking passes will be furnished and must be displayed on dash of vehicles. Exhibitor/vendor vehicles must park in a designated area.

Clean up: Do not leave any garbage on the ground, especially plastic ties. Vendors that leave their area in unacceptable conditions may be banned from participating in future events.


Weather: Horse Creek Jubilee is a rain or shine event. If prolonged rain or other inclement weather should occur, we have access to both an indoor area and an adjoining covered area that  can be used.


Food Vendors: Vendors with grills, smokers, and generators will be placed away from other vendors. If you will be grilling, please let us know what type of grill you will be using. Anyone planning to deep fry must provide some type of barrier to keep the public away from the cooking area. All vendors who will be cooking must have a fire extinguisher on hand. There will be a limited number of each type of food vendor allowed, and vendor selections will be based on a first come first chosen basis.


Quality of booths: No "yard sale" items will be allowed. Only new, hand made, or repurposed items can be sold.


RELEASE/INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT: For and in consideration of my being allowed to participate in the indicated Horse Creek Jubilee, I, the undersigned applicant, do hereby agree to release, acquit, and forever discharge Horse Creek Jubilee, it's members, officers, agents, employees, servants, successors and assigns and all other persons, firms, corporations or other legal entities sponsoring, promoting, or otherwise associated with any tort, contract, or other theory of law, whether for compensatory or punitive damages, whether know or unknown, which have previously existed, now exhist, or could hereafter exist, arising from, connected with or otherwise related in any way whatsoever to my participation in any Horse Creek Jubilee. And furthermore, I do hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Horse Creek Jubilee for the payment of any claim, demand, or judgment arising out of or related to my participation in any Horse Creek Jubilee, including the payment of the costs, expenses, and reasonable attorney's fees incurred by Horse Creek Jubilee.


The Horse Creek Jubilee Committee, along with the City of Dora, is excited about this event, and plan to do everything we can to make it an event that you will want to return to year after year.


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